Useful Tips on Energy Efficiency, Insulation Works and Air Quality

Paul Cuerrier Insulation Services wants to help you make the right choices when it comes to insulating your home. Here are a few useful tips that will make a significant impact on your monthly energy bill, your insulation works and your overall health.

Energy Efficiency Tips

Maximum Saving

There are many ways to make maximum savings out of your energy bills:

Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed and no air slips through.
Make sure you set your thermostat to a lower degree while you are away during the day.
Use natural sources such as the wind to cool down your house, open the windows.
Do not heat an un-insulated area.
Do not let unused electric heating on or fans if you are not in the room.

Heating & Cooling

There are ways to heat and cool down your house without having to spend an awful lot of money:

Use natural sources such as the wind and the sun to heat or cool your house.
Caulk and weather strip your windows and doors in order to maintain the desired temperature inside the house without any air leaks.
Heat only the main and busy rooms.
Change your air filter often so your furnace doesn’t over work.
Keep your window coverings down during the day so the sun won’t heat up your house.

Signs of Upgrade

There are warning signs that indicate that your house may need an insulation upgrade:

Cold floors and walls
Unfrosted patched on your roof during winter time, leading to a heat lost in your attic
Mould growing on your walls
High heat or cooling bills
Icicles forming on your windows
Frosted windows
Uneven temperature from room to room
You feel a breeze when walking in front of a window or a door
Moisture spots on your ceiling
Frequent allergies

An insulation upgrade can save you money later on heating and cooling bills.

5 Things to Consider when Hiring an Insulation Contractor

When choosing and insulation contractor, experience makes a big difference. We are proud to have been in business for 40 years and to still be a reputable company. We’ve been working the same way for years, offering expert advice and personal care. We have evolved with the new technologies that came out in the insulation field and have adapted ourselves to still procure you the best service with the best products available. Our trained personnel and family-owned company will take care of your insulation needs, like we’ve been doing for the past 40 years.
You can rest assured: you are in good hands. We are licensed and insured. If something happens, we take care of it; it’s a no hassle job for you and a satisfactory feeling for us that we can and will take care of you.
We assure you that when WE say “right and on time” we actually mean it. We make follow-up and before day calls to reconfirm the scheduled day and time to make sure it is still at your best convenience. Our trustworthy workers are trained professionals who will treat your house as their own.
Every stage of a construction requires an inspection. We promise you that our insulation inspections will pass the first time. You won’t need to call us or the city inspectors a second time. But if you do have to, we’ll identify the problem and whether or not it is of our doing. We will fix it for you as soon as you feel ready, free of charge.
Your home is very special to you. We feel the same way. When you hire Paul Cuerrier Insulation Services contractors rest assured that you will receive a personal and courteous service. We will answer your every question to help you make the right decision concerning the insulation of your house. We will always be at your service and treat you like you are part of a team; we won’t make any decisions before speaking to you first. If you feel the need to change anything, just give us a call.

Air Quality and Health Tips


Your family’s health is your highest priority. Mould can affect many aspects of your health: it is not to be taken lightly. Mould is the result of badly installed insulation or water damage. If insulation materials are not installed correctly moisture can occur in your walls, attic or basement. Mould primary grows in damp places with no light.
If you’ve experienced water damage, it is highly recommended that you replace the insulation. If the vapor barrier was not correctly installed moisture might occur behind the plastic and subsequently little particles of mould might stream in your air ways. Mould may worsen asthma and weaken your respiratory system. You should refer to a professional to assess the matter if you think you might have mouldy insulation or if you are thinking of adding new insulation to your home.


The insulation in your home might be working against you. Fiberglass and blown insulation can gather dust and other allergens that can worsen asthma. If the insulation isn’t correctly installed air may slip through and bring insulation particles into your home.
There are solutions available. You can have your insulation inspected to make sure it was installed properly.You could also change the type of insulation you currently have (there is no price to healthy living) to spray foam which is in itself a vapor barrier and does not consist of dusty material.


Have you ever wondered why staying in your house during allergy season is sometimes worse than sitting outside? Your house might aggravate allergy symptoms. Fiberglass insulation might gather more dust and allergens. If not properly installed, tiny particles of dust may slip into your house and make your life more complicated. Furthermore, critters and rodents may leave feces in that insulation and in the long run make the air in your house unsafe to breathe unless properly installed.