Safety First with Paul Cuerrier Insulation Services in the Ottawa Area


Safety Program

There is no cost to a safe environment. The safety of workers has been a struggle for many years. We at Paul Cuerrier Insulation Services have a home base safety system. S.P. Safety Solutions has been working with us for years now, making sure our workers are working legally and in a secure way. They make monthly inspections for us, providing us with the safety training we need. They are our legal aid when it comes to procedures involving workers’ security.


Our workers are regularly trained and certified. They receive training for WHMIS, fall protection, confined spaces and for spray foam application. Our manufacturers make sure to update us on proper handling of current and new materials.

Quality Checklist

We always have the highest standards in the industry. We have a quality checklist we follow every time we set out to do a job:

  • Product Inspection
  • Product Expiry Date (If Applicable)
  • Product Relevance
  • Clean Jobsite
  • Inspection Ready
  • Every Step Followed


Join our team! We are looking for dynamic, reliable, hardworking people who are not afraid of challenges and are willing to learn more every day. Our Job Positions

  • Spray Foam Applicator
  • Sales Associate
  • Batt Insulation Installer
  • Blown Insulation Installer

Please call (613-487-2229) for more information on these positions and to see our hiring status. If you have any qualifications in any of these fields or if you are a new worker looking for experience, please fill out the application (form) to the right. You may also fax your resume to 613-487-3777 or email it to

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